Last week, I came across a gloriously angelic frock of hair attached to a dude named Felix Krause, a style far too fancy for any man I personally know to legally don. 
Here’s a collection of interesting information related to Elon Musk’s proposed buyout of Twitter 
I hope your week has been expanding your personal rhizome in the right direction! 
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Thread: What's your favorite podcast? Join and share your thoughts on the best podcasts to listen to
Hey, I hope you’re having an immeasurably pleasant week so far. Here’s what I did: Went down south to the bottom tip of Taiwan for some relaxing camping…
Hey, I hope you’re having a safe week, wherever you are. Here’s what I did: Planned two short weekend trips to see some good friends off to another…
Hey. I hope you’re safe wherever you are this week. 
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